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Aboriginal Statewide Advisory Committee (ASAC)

The Natural Resources Management Council is advised on matters regarding Aboriginal engagement in natural resources management in South Australia by the Aboriginal Statewide Advisory Committee (ASAC).

The functions of ASAC are:

  • To advise the NRM Council on current Aboriginal engagement mechanisms being undertaken by NRM regions.
  • To advise the NRM Council on investment in Aboriginal activities related to NRM. This will include provision of advice on Aboriginal activities incorporated (or not incorporated in) regional plans and investment strategies.
  • Facilitate the development of mechanisms to encourage Aboriginal engagement by NRM bodies.
  • Advise the NRM Council on possible Aboriginal policies and programs of relevance to the State NRM plan.
  • Provide regular briefings to NRM Council on the activities of the committee.
  • To encourage Aboriginal communities to engage in NRM issues.

ASAC members have been appointed for their knowledge, skills and experience in Aboriginal interest in land, water and Aboriginal heritage or Aboriginal engagement.


ASAC is chaired by Karina Lester (acting) and Kent Martin (deputy) and includes the following members:

Member Regional NRM Board
Lynette Crocker Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board
Fraser Vickery Kangaroo Island NRM Board
Carolyn Ireland SA Arid Lands NRM Board
Tim Hartman South East NRM Board
Derek Walker SA Murray Darling Basin NRM Board
Bronwyn Sleep Eyre Peninsula NRM Board
Klynton Wanganeen Northern and Yorke NRM Board
Chris Dodd Alinytjara Wilurara NRM Board
Gary Lewis Alinytjara Wilurara NRM Board
John Chester Aboriginal Lands Trust
Hayden Davey (deputy) Aboriginal Lands Trust

NRM Council endorsed a work plan for ASAC at their 2 November 2007 meeting. It is a 12 month work plan valid from November 2007 - November 2008.

The key outcomes of the ASAC work plan are:

  • Revise the terms of reference
  • Revise the membership
  • Address the strengths and weaknesses of the committee
  • Provide strategies to address each of the terms of reference
  • Provide definitive actions to address the strategies in the work plan over a 12-month period
ASAC Work Plan (PDF, 159KB)

ASAC meets four times a year. For further information on ASAC please contact David Hanna, Executive Officer on 8463 6860 or hanna.david@saugov.sa.gov.au


Meeting Minutes
ASAC Meeting Minutes 8 May 2007 (PDF, 59KB)
ASAC Meeting Minutes 22nd February 2007 (PDF, 102KB)
ASAC Meeting Minutes 28th November 2006 (PDF, 24KB)
ASAC Meeting Minutes 29th September 2006 (PDF, 37KB)


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